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Innovative Packaging Group

INNOVATIVE PACKAGING GROUP Featuring new methods, and advanced strategies, The K-1 Packaging Group opens doors to opportunities that can both benefit you, and you’re business, or organization.         We conceptualize, design, prototype, and manufacture. As an international packaging group we have many manufacturing facilities. One of them has been strategically placed in GuangdongRead More

Innovative Packaging Design

INNOVATIVE PACKAGING DESIGN The difference between a good product and a mediocre one often is determined with the presentation. If you hire the right packaging group to customize you’re products package and they come through with an innovative packaging design, the probability that you’re product will be purchased is higher.        The K-1Read More

Premium Custom Packaging Solutions

PREMIUM CUSTOM PACKAGING SOLUTIONS If a product is poorly represented by it’s custom packaging solution then it is more then likely that the consumer will not want to purchase it, or they wont feel as tempted to do so. The reason for this is because when a consumer is looking for what to buy theyRead More

Best Product Packaging Solutions

BEST PRODUCT PACKAGING SOLUTIONS We provide our client’s with the best product packaging solutions, because we understand the importance of presentation, and in most cases it can be what determines whether it will be purchased or not.         We are the K-1 Packaging Group, and our main objective is to use our expertiseRead More

Custom Package Assembly

CUSTOM PACKAGE ASSEMBLY If you ever had an idea for you’re products presentation, but never really had a way to execute it you can now!           We can help you with you’re custom package assembly, with years of extensive experience we have gained by working with many big businesses, organizations, and importantRead More

Premium Packaging Designs

PREMIUM PACKAGING DESIGNS If you need premium packaging designs for you’re consumer product’s custom packaging solution, then you came to the right place. The K-1 Packaging Group opens it’s doors for you and any other individuals out there in need of our professional services.               We understand what colorsRead More

Premium Packaging Group

PREMIUM PACKAGING GROUP If you are looking for a premium packaging group that will not only provide you with astonishing packaging designs, but create you’re products package with quality material that will give it a luxurious stature then the K-1 Packaging Group is for you.              We have worked withRead More