K-1 boasts a vast array of finishing capabilities that can be used to enhance the visual impact of packaging designs.

  • Foil Stamping 
  • Add elegance to your packaging and call attention to your brand by using Foil Stamping.

  • Combination Foil Stamping / Micro-Embossing
  • Use Combination Foil Stamping / Micro-Embossing to heighten the feel and sense of luxury.

  • Multi-Level Embossing / Debossing
  • Embossing / Debossing makes your design pop by adding a third dimension to your design.

  • Cellophane Window Patching
  • Reveal your product to the consumer through a clear window on your folding carton.

In conjunction with our ability to work with special substrates, our repertoire of finishing techniques creates opportunity for ground-breaking packaging designs.