Best Product Packaging



        We are the K-1 Packaging Group, we have a solid reputation for producing high end and luxurious custom packages. Being one of the best product packaging solutions available we have a necessity for living up to our standards. Our team of designers are dedicated, and fully committed to producing a final product that grabs the attention of the consumers. We will produce something that adorns you’re product, and will make it stand out amongst competitors when it’s on the shelves. By choosing to work with the K-1 Packaging group you are assuring that you’re product will be taken care of since it is being handled by the professionals.

Whether you need a

  • Rigid Boxes
  • Custom Gift Boxes
  • Custom Gift Bags
  • Litho Mounted Corrugated Boxes and POP
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Flexible Packaging

The K-1 Packaging Group has what you need! We have much experience in this industry, since we have worked with many big businesses and important organizations. We pretty much know what to do, and what not to do. We try to do business in an organized manner so we can ensure the full on satisfaction of our clients. For example, first we would start of by arranging a meeting where we can discuss the product, and what you want the layout to look like. Once we have established all of that, we would get our team to work on it. Once we feel that we can call you’re product the best product packaging, we get ready to sell it at a massive scale, which shouldn’t be a problem, because with the K-1 Packaging Group working on you’re products packaging, you can be assured that you’re product will now sell itself since it will be so appealing to the consumers eyes.

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