Clear PET Boxes

Plastics Main

Our Clear PET Boxes are decent looking with super clarity!

At K-1 Packaging our boxes are great for gift packaging and all kinds of retail products. It can flip open on top. It comes flat and can be easily assembled before use. Golden  or silver card can be easily inserted to the bottom. Interlock bottom design helps it to carry some weight.

We do the following and MORE!

  • Make exact sizes
  • Make structure bags and boxes at your request
  • Print your company logo
  • Print pictures and text according to your artwork design
  • Make all kinds of clam shells to meet your exact needs
  • Custom make all kinds of inner trays for industrial packaging

   Our Clear PET Boxes are ideal to club a range of different types of products utilized for a single purpose, mainly for gifting, like baby products clubbed together, or wallet, keychain and lighter or similar things, or one can just pack a single product of odd shapes for ease of stacking and standing. Our Pet boxes are renowned for the customer’s aesthetic appeal. We provide our customers with the best quality possible. These are perfect as cosmetic package and chocolate boxes.  K-1 Packaging helps the customers to understand the importance of innovative packaging for gifts in PET boxes.