Custom Corrugated Box

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Sometimes the key to making you’re product even more irresistible then it already may be, is as simple as contacting the right people, and getting a custom corrugated box! Now their are a number of options when it comes to what packaging group to go to, but if you want the most effective choice then you should definitely come to the K-1 Packaging Group! We open our doors for you, and live up to our solid reputation of bringing out the best in our clients products. Now you may be asking yourself, why do I need a custom corrugated box in order to sell my product faster?


1.) Presentation is KEY!

2.) You’re product will stand out amongst competitors.

3.) It will much likely catch the eye of the consumer.

      There is those 3 reasons, and millions of more! Choosing the right packaging group is ESSENTIAL when thinking about getting a custom corrugated box to case you’re merchandise. The best thing about working with K-1 Packaging Group, is that we have TONS of experience in working with big businesses, and distributers, therefore we will be much easier to work with rather then other mediocre packaging groups. Our litho mounted corrugated boxes have a fluted section of corrugated sheets, the reason we do this is because it provides strength and rigidity beyond what can be achieved by just a chip-board.

If you feel in any way that this can be of a benefit to you;re business, or distributing organization then do not hesitate to either call us when we are open, or simply inquire online and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


You can call us at 626.964.9384 or you can contact us online!

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