Innovative Packaging Designs



Introducing new, game changing, innovative packaging designs, the K-1 Packaging Group is the way to go when planning to upgrade you’re products stature. If you want to make people look twice at you’re product when passing by, or give you’re product a sense of luxury then there is no question to it, you are in need of our services!

           We earned our keep in this industry a while ago. And the way that we did this is by constantly producing high end innovative packaging solutions that caught the eyes of our customers, therefore they told their business partners, and they came to us, and the cycle just went on, and on. To be honest, we just made high quality stuff because thats what we do. We didn’t expect anything in return apart from the usual. We love what we do. Therefore we have no problem putting out extra time and effort into creating time proof designs that will transcend through out time. Our team of designers know what colors will compliment you’re product, and what colors wont, they have much experience creating designs, so you can rest assured that when working with us, you’re product will be put in the hands of the professionals. Our mission when working on you’re product is to conceptualize and design something that will not only adorn and compliment you’re product, but to create something that will raise you’re products status. We use quality material that is durable, and has a nice feel to it. And print the designs in our factory. You will be glad to know that we go that extra mile to make sure that the product is perfect. Because although humans aren’t perfect beings, we make sure that our packaging solutions are.

We have worked with many big businesses, important organizations, individuals, and celebrities, therefore the experience we have gained allows us to know exactly what to deliver to our future clients. If our services sound of benefit to you, be sure to give us a call or inquire us online.


You can call us at 626-964-9384 or you can simply inquire us online.

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