Luxury Packaging



      We are K-1, a luxury packaging group fully dedicated to providing our customers with high end quality, durable packaging solutions. Manufactured in the most careful way, in order to produce unique, and creative material attractive to the eye. When one chooses to work with K-1 Packaging one is assuring that one’s product will be handled with extreme care, and will be showcased in the most professional and outgoing way. As a Luxury Packaging Group we need to make ourselves marketable which is why we strategically placed a plant located in the city of Dongguan, which is one of the largest manufacturing regions in China! We have much experience when it comes Custom Packaging, experience that you can depend on. Our team of designers work to adorn you’re product in a way that assures that once it touches the shelves people will immediately become addicted. These types of techniques can become very useful when you are trying to bring something out to the market that consumers just cant get their eyes off!

The reason why most people choose us from other luxury packaging groups is because:

  1. We add an essential value to you’re product, that many packaging groups just can’t forge.
  2. We are punctual, and reliable.
  3. We have MUCH experience, which is ideal when looking for a luxury packaging group.

We can go on and on about what separates us from other packaging groups, but at the end of the day what matters is RESULTS. And at the k-1 Packaging Group, we do not fail to bring our clients results! So if you are in the search for a luxury packaging group, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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