Luxury Packaging Group



        Hello, we are the K-1 Packaging Group, an international luxury packaging group mainly focused on bringing our customers with nothing but the best options available. We produce Luxury custom packages made with quality material made to last. Our services are often utilized for valuable products, or for custom gift boxes. Our team of designers adorn you’re product in a way that makes it stand out amongst others. These types of skills are ideal when you are trying to bring something out to the market that consumers just cant get their eyes off! As a Luxury Packaging Group we need to make ourselves marketable which is why we strategically placed a plant located in the city of Dongguan, which is one of the largest manufacturing regions in China! We have much experience when it comes Custom Packaging, experience that you can depend on.

When working with K-1 Packaging you can expect:

  • Constant updates on your order
  • Luxurious, durable material used for your custom package
  • Eye Catching designs to grab consumers attention
  • A smooth and cost-effective process

It should be obvious that when working with these types of things you should clearly hire the professionals, which is why we are usually the first ones people call. We are globally known for bringing clients everywhere with the best that we can bring! When working with the K-1 Packaging Group theres no knowing for sure to how far we can take you and you’re business. Only thing for sure that you know is that by contracting us, you are putting you’re product in the hands of the professionals.


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you can call us at 626.964.9384 or contact us online!

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