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      Hello! We are the K-1 Packaging Group. We have a solid reputation for satisfying our customers by bringing nothing but the best that we have to provide. As an Packaging Group that does business at an international level, we provide millions of clients with sophisticated eye catching custom packages to showcase their product. As soon as they enter the market, people turn they’re heads. Our team works with unwavering dedication and commitment, with the newest technology, firmly believing that professionalism and reliability should be the foundation for any organization. Our services are ideal if what you are looking for is to stand out amongst others. We are a major provider of custom packaging solutions for consumer products.

At K-1 Packaging, we offer a number of fully integrated services from start to finish, for example we:

  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Validate
  • Manufacture

We have a number of products, and capabilities to choose from! From efficient, and economical folding cartons an ideal packaging format to fulfill visual as well as structural needs, to Rigid Boxes usually used for luxury products. We are also experienced when it comes to structural design, Pre-Press, Print, Post Press finishing, Value added finishing, and much more! As a packaging group, we produce luxurious packages at a global scale! Our China manufacturing facilities are strategically located in the province of Guangdong, enabling rapid service’s and delivery of finished goods to the major manufacturing centers of the Pearl River Delta. So if you are looking for a packaging group with experience in this industry, K-1 Packaging Group is for you!


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