Premium Packaging Designs

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If you need premium packaging designs for you’re consumer product’s custom packaging solution, then you came to the right place. The K-1 Packaging Group opens it’s doors for you and any other individuals out there in need of our professional services.

              We understand what colors will compliment you’re product, and what colors wont. We also know the importance of having a good eye catching design to compliment you’re product and raise the chances of the person buying it. The way that we got so good at what we do is by years of experience. We have gained much knowledge in this industry by working with many talented individuals, and big businesses, that have such high expectations, and expect a professional and luxurious result. Fortunately we have been able to provide our clients in the past, and will be able to provide our clients in the future with premium packaging designs. Wether it be for you’re custom rigid box, custom gift box, ect. We use the latest technology when it comes to printing out our ideas. And you can rest assured that you’re product will be cased in quality and durable material.

Our steps are simple.

– We Conceptualize

– Design

– Prototype

– Validate

– and Manufacture

All of this and more, offering our fully integrated services from start to finish, at the K-1 Packaging Group we continue to provide our customers with the best there is when it comes to premium packaging designs, or simply packaging solutions. We make it easier to get these things done with therefore making these types of professional services accessible to more people! If you are ready to take that next step towards selling you’re product with little to no effort then wait not another second to contact us either online, or by phone.


You can call us at 626-964-9384 or inquire online.

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