Premium Packaging Solutions

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We provide thousands of clients regularly with premium packaging solutions! The reason they come to us is because we continue to produce high end quality work that transcends through out time and connects with the consumer, making the possibilities of you’re product being purchased even higher!

         We are The K-1 Packaging Group and what we do is out of this world. We create eye catching designs for our clients custom packages, and create the package with quality and durable material that is built to last. The reason that we take such time to perfect our projects is because we know that those little detail go a LONG way! Our clients are always satisfied with our work because we have much experience in this industry, we have gained this by working with many big businesses organizations and important individuals for example big celebrities like Kobe Bryant. We are here to stay, and what we do is our passion, therefore those that are in need of our services are always welcome to come visit our headquarters.

Our packaging group continues to provide clients with premium packaging solutions that adorn the product, and compliment it when it is on shelves. If our services sound of benefit to you’re business or organization please feel free to contact us either by phone or online. If you are still not convinced that our services are of premium stature then we encourage you to visit our portfolio where you will be able to go through each and every one of our past clients and how we approached each project differently.


You can either call us at 626-964-9384 or you can simply inquire us online!

Feel free to browse through our site to find out more about our packaging group!