Pressure Sensitive Labels

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Our Pressure Sensitive labels will help your product grab attention

K-1 Packaging’s Pressure Sensitive labels come with a variety of substrates, like inks, and specialty enhancements. We can help your brand succeed in today’s marketplace! Packaging only has seconds to grab the attention of the consumer. You need a package that truly stands out from the competition. One of the most popular labeling methods, Pressure Sensitive labels, or Self-Adhesive labels, are an excellent choice for almost any product, and work especially well on contoured and squeezable containers. Pressure Sensitive labels are an optimal choice for products in the food, beverage, wine and spirits, household chemicals, and automotive industries. 

We can produce eye-catching primary package labels quickly and economically.

  • Besides a premium look, K-1 Packaging guarantees a perfect performance of the decoration. No wrinkles, bubbles or damaged labels troughout the supply chain.
  • No-Label Look Decoration available  which is not possible with paper wet glue labels.
  • A Comprehensive range of standard, performance and special effects labels for a wide range of applications

We also offer a wide selection of prime label face stocks, adhesives, and topcoats to create the perfect prime label for your product, thousands of die shapes and various label constructions expand your decorative design opportunities.
Areas on your label can be left blank allowing you to print variable information like ingredients, nutrition facts, bar codes and more.