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        We are the K-1 Packaging Group, and if you are facing a difficulty that many businesses face when trying to expand their business, for example finding a reliable packaging group to handle you’re consumer product, and create a creative, and unique design to make it stand out amongst its competitors, then you need think no more about it, and contact us either by giving us a call when we are open, or by simply inquiring us online. We are you’re best product packaging solution, because when it comes to these types of things, we put our full time and effort into creating a final product that will irreversibly compliment you’re product.

Whether you need us to work on you’re product’s

– Structural Design

– Pre-Press

– Print

– Post-Press Finishing

– Value Added Finishing

– Nutriceutical Contract Packaging

         The K-1 Packaging Group opens it’s doors for you! We have gained much experience in this industry, and have worked with many important organizations, and big businesses, therefore we know what it takes to satisfy the needs of thy customer. We understand what catches the eye of the consumer therefore we use this knowledge to our, and you’re advantage. The way we work is simple. First we sit with you and discuss the development of you’re products packaging layout. After we have covered anything there is to cover, we get our team of designers to work on a design that will adorn you’re product so when it reaches stores people passing by will not help but notice it.

If you feel that our services may be of benefit to you’re business, or organization then do not hesitate to contact us!

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You can either call us at 626.964.9384 or you can inquire us online!

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