Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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       We provide millions of clients with sustainable packaging solutions. The reason we say sustainable is because we manage to keep our production rate at the same level, if not higher. We have much experience in working with big businesses, and important organizations, therefore we pretty much know the do’s and don’ts in this industry. We can customize and shape you’re products packaging in a way that adorns it so when it reaches the stores the people will not be able to resist but purchasing you’re product. The way we do business ensures the full on satisfaction of our clients. Which is a good thing, because at the K-1 Packaging Group, a customers satisfaction means a whole lot to us. We keep working on you’re products packaging until you feel that it is ready for display. Whether what you need isa Rigid box, custom gift box, or a gift bag, we will help you! We know the importance of presentation, and how it can affect you’re flow of business. We make sure that our team of designers really focus on those little details, because we know that those little details can go a long way.

Whether you need:

– Structural Design

– Pre Press

– Print

– Post Press Finishing

– Value Added Finishing

– Nutriceutical Contract Packaging

K-1 gets straight to work on it! We do our very best to bring nothing but the most productive work flow to the table. We know what it takes to be the one that stands out amongst others and therefore we will use this knowledge to you’re advantage. If our services sound of benefit to you’re business, or organization then be sure to give us a call! Or simply inquire online!

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