Sustainable Packaging

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            If you are looking for a sustainable packaging solution then you came to the right place. We are the K-1 Packaging Group, globally known for producing high end custom packaging for consumer products. If you are looking to enter you’re product on the market in a stylish way that will affect the way that you’re product sells, then there is no question about it. The K-1 Packaging Group is the way to go! The way this works, is you come to us, and we discuss all the possible options for you’re products packaging layout. After we have reached a conclusion, and we feel that it is time to begin with you’re project, we get our team of designers to work on you’re products casing design. We either get a group of our designers to work on it, then we compare to see which is the best design, or we get a specific designer to work on you’re project individually. Once our team has successfully created a layout for you’re product, we immediately inform you that it has been completed, and unless you have any suggestions of what should be added, we wrap things up and get them ready to be manufactured at a major scale.

Whether what you need is

– Custom Rigid Boxes

– Custom Gift Bags

– Custom Gift Boxes

– Custom Folding Cartons

or Pressure Sensitive Labels. We got everything that you need. There is no question to it, we are you’re one stop packaging group. When you choose to work with us you are not only assuring that you’re product will be put in the hands of the professionals, and handled with extreme care, but you are assuring a brighter future for you’re consumer product. Feel free to give us a call whenever we are open, or simply inquire us online!

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