Custom Packaging

Premium Custom Packaging Solutions

PREMIUM CUSTOM PACKAGING SOLUTIONS If a product is poorly represented by it’s custom packaging solution then it is more then likely that the consumer will not want to purchase it, or they wont feel as tempted to do so. The reason for this is because when a consumer is looking for what to buy theyRead More

Sustainable Packaging

SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING             If you are looking for a sustainable packaging solution then you came to the right place. We are the K-1 Packaging Group, globally known for producing high end custom packaging for consumer products. If you are looking to enter you’re product on the market in a stylishRead More

Custom Corrugated Box

CUSTOM CORRUGATED BOX Sometimes the key to making you’re product even more irresistible then it already may be, is as simple as contacting the right people, and getting a custom corrugated box! Now their are a number of options when it comes to what packaging group to go to, but if you want the mostRead More

Custom Corrugated Boxes

NEED YOU’RE PRODUCT TO GRAB MORE ATTENTION? WE CAN HELP YOU!      We are the K-1 Packaging Group, known for producing high end custom corrugated boxes that are appealing to ones eye. Made with nothing but the most luxurious material out there, we make sure that you’re product stands out amongst its competition. YouRead More

Custom Carton Packaging

WE ARE THE K-1 PACKAGING GROUP, GLOBALLY KNOWN FOR OUR HIGH END CUSTOM CARTON PACKAGING     By choosing us as you’re packaging solution you are immediatley adding value to the product you are trying to display. We have a select team of sophisticated, and creative designers fully dedicated to customizing your carton package soRead More

Custom Design Packaging

 WE PROVIDE MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS WITH CUSTOM DESIGN PACKAGING By working with us you immediately remove all limits set to what you can accomplish!     We are the K-1 Packaging group. Globally known for our High End Custom Designs for our packaging. We put that extra time, and effort to accomplish the impossible. WeRead More

Custom Packaging Manufacturers

SEARCHING FOR SOME CUSTOM PACKAGING MANUFACTURERS THAT PUT AN EMPHASIS ON ‘CUSTOM”? We are known for producing custom packaging with a Unique WOW effect on our clients. We are K-1 Packaging. A Packaging Group with known for having  many specialities, like providing our clients with safe, and secure high end Custom Packaging Boxes. We produceRead More

Custom Packaging

K-1’s Custom Packaging offers a unique style that fulfills any of your needs Here at K-1 Packaging we are dedicated to providing people with safe, secure and inexpensive products. We offer industrial sewing, shrink wrap, die cutting, plastic packaging, heat sealing and much more. There is no need to worry, because we can help makeRead More

Gift Bags

Gift Bags are incredibly versatile, after all, presentation is key! At K-1 Packaging we put extra effort in our Gift Bags. You will find that With us there is only unique & creative products. There is no better time then now to give K-1 Packaging a try! We are one of the most unique packaging companies in the industry! WeRead More