Creative Packaging Solution


We are not only a creative packaging solution that will provide you with the necessary tools to move up a category when it comes to you’re product, but we are a packaging group that takes you in as if you were family. 

       The K-1 Packaging Group has been providing it’s clients with premium solutions, using durable, and sturdy material that feels smooth, and adorned in designs, professionally developed by our team of designers that know exactly what colors will compliment you’re product, which is an essential talent when trying to intercept the way that our consumers think, this way we know exactly how to dominate you’re market! We know all of this, and have much experience in this field, this is why millions of big businesses everyday come to us so we can bring them the resulta we have brought our past clients. Our clients projects is conceptualized, designed, prototyped, and manufactured in our own facilities. As an international packaging group, we have facilities located from the US to China. The reason why is because we want to bring these professional services to become accesible to each and every one of the people out there that are in need of them.

    We focus on the satisfaction of our clients so much, because at the end of the day it is our clients that make all of this possible, because despite all of the useful talents that we possess, without the proper clientele, our business is no good. This is why we encourage our clients that have been fully satisfied with our services to go out and let their friends, or business partners know that we can meet the expectations of those with the highest demand.


You can either call us at 626-964-9384 or inquire online.

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