Custom Package Assembly


If you ever had an idea for you’re products presentation, but never really had a way to execute it you can now! 

         We can help you with you’re custom package assembly, with years of extensive experience we have gained by working with many big businesses, organizations, and important individuals such as celebrities. Working with these types of people set the bar up higher then before, therefore with our team of positive designers and manufacturers we adapted to this type of work flow making us instead of breaking us. Our team of designers create some designs that are appealing to the eye, then printed with the most sophisticated technologies available on quality material that was built to last. We make our products durable because we feel that our customers should get exactly what they are paying for.

We assemble you’re custom package in our headquarters. Where most of the action happens. Rotogravure_1

The reason why we like to do most of these things ourselves instead of paying others to do it for us is because we feel that if we do it we will have more control over what we do, therefore there is no limit to what we can create for our clients, and for ourselves. If our services sound of benefit to you then be sure to either call us when we are open or to inquire online! Do not miss an opportunity like this!


You can either call us at 626-964-9384 or inquire online.

Feel free to browse through our site for more info on our packaging group!