High End Packaging Group


We are a high end packaging group that has worked with many big celebrities, and organizations. We have a team of talented designers that can truly bring out the best of you’re product, using only the most durable material, we work hard to deliver high end results!

    Our products and capabilities vary, from structural design, to value added finishing. We take the extra time to actually perfect our craft, doing everything at our very own facilities, using the latest of technology, and best of materials, that way the quality of our work will be shown immediately. We also have manufacturing facilities that were precisely put in one of China’s busiest province! Even though our U.S  operation is similar, the China operation is at a much larger scale.

Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities feature

  • Clear PET Boxes
  • Custom Rigid Boxes
  • Custom Folding Cartons
  • Custom Gift Bags or Boxes
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels

Keep in mind that with the amount of experience that we have acquired it is hard not to know already what one needs in order to make ones product stand out amongst others. We analyze you’re product, and create designs that go perfect with you’re product, and use only the colors compliment it! Going the extra mile to bring you something more then regular, not only because we love what we do, but because we believe that when it comes to things like this, those little details matter allot! Its those little things that make something go a long way, and transcend through out generations! So if you are looking for a high end packaging solution, look no further and come to the professionals!


You can either reach us through social media, through our website, or give us a call at 929-964-9384