Best Product Packaging Solutions


We provide our client’s with the best product packaging solutions, because we understand the importance of presentation, and in most cases it can be what determines whether it will be purchased or not. 

       We are the K-1 Packaging Group, and our main objective is to use our expertise in this field to our clients benefit. Our team of designers come up with unique and creative designs that transcend through out time, and catches the attention of many passing by the product when it is in stores. We use the most durable and luxurious material when it comes to casing you’re product, because we know that when it comes to product packaging those that are built to last often do.

– Custom Rigid Boxes

– Custom Gift Bags

– Custom Corrugated boxes and POP

whatever it is that you need to help increase sales for you’re business, our packaging group will work on you’re project as if it were our own, Manufacturing in our own factory we also conduct business in areas around the world, because when it comes to a packaging group it is important to make business at an international level. Our team understands that when it comes to these things it’s those little details that go a long way, and we take this in mind when working on you’re products custom packaging solution. For example if you look at a product that’s custom package was poorly developed the consumer will most likely look at it and not take it as seriously as the person responsible for the product wanted it to be. On the other hand if you look at a product that was taken care of, and was fully developed to it’s full potential the consumer will look at it and almost not be able to resist, but either asking what it is, or purchasing it. It is important to make sure that you’re product has the best product packaging solution because in the market, what you see is what you get.


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