Luxury Packaging Design

Kobe foil


    We are the K-1 Packaging Group globally known for providing millions of clients world wide with Luxury Packaging Designs that often lead to more purchases due to the extra value added with our high end work. There is a reason why we are one of the top packaging solutions, and thats because of our team that constantly produces luxury packaging designs that tends to have that WOW effect on our clients. By working with us that alone serves as an instant stress reliever since you will no longer have to worry whether or not your product will be an eye catcher once it hits the shelfs. Our cost-efficient quality production excels in the packaging category, using high-end technology and fully dedicated artisans.

You can count on the following to bring extra value to your product:

  • Screen Coating
  • Corrugated Sheet Mounting
  • Die-Cutting
  • Folding-Gluing
  • Electronic Article Surveillance

We bring our clients unique packaging solutions with value and proposition. We leverage the integration and synergy of our multi-faceted capabilities. We will also forge strong relationships based on cooperation, respect, and integrity with our clients, suppliers, and employees. There is no question to it, we are your best option when it comes to a reliable packaging solution. By contacting us today you are already promising your consumer products a promising future, because as soon as it hits the shelf people will not be able to resist. With our Eye catching Luxury Packaging Designs the least of your worries will be selling the product, because the product will sell itself!


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