Achieving and maintaining sustainability in packaging requires assessing the environmental impact associated with all stages of the packaging’s lifecycle. While each stage of the lifecycle creates its own environmental impact, it also represents opportunities for improvement. This is the approach K-1 Packaging Group takes in its design process. We aim to achieve a balance between meeting the packaging’s functional requirements and reducing its footprint on the environment. Appropriate selection of materials, efficient usage of the materials chosen, thoughtful consideration of the structure and its physical dimensions, configuration, weight and volume, etc. are all accounted for by our engineers. Not only could such optimization lead to reduction in the energy consumed during the manufacturing, transportation, and usage of the packaging, it could also improve feasibility in its reuse or recycling.

K-1 Packaging Group is a proud participant of the Green-e® renewable energy program. Our purchase of the Green-e® renewable wind energy certificates (RECs) guarantees that an equivalent amount of renewable energy is delivered to the electric grid and provides additional revenue to help keep existing wind energy projects operational while also growing the wind energy markets. The positive results include increased energy diversity and security, reduced dependence on foreign energy sources and more U.S. jobs.