Premium Packaging Group



If you are looking for a premium packaging group that will not only provide you with astonishing packaging designs, but create you’re products package with quality material that will give it a luxurious stature then the K-1 Packaging Group is for you. 

            We have worked with many important individuals, organizations, and businesses that have a high demand for their products package. Working with these advanced individuals and coping with there advanced needs brought on alot of pressure to our packaging group. And brought with this pressure instead of that breaking our packaging group, it made us! Now we can say that we are ready for anything, and if you are like many other people and want the best for you’re product when it reaches stores then then is no question to it. You must come to the K-1 Packaging Group and discuss with us you’re options. We can do a vast number of things for you and you’re product for example

– Rigid Boxes

– Custom Gift Boxes

– Custom Gift Bags

– Custom Corrugated Boxes and POP

    We conceptualize and design. Bringing game changing designs into the scenene. One thing that our packaging group has that others cant is the fact that we can wake up everyday and say we love what we do. Our packaging Group has, and will continue to excel in our category. We set the bar up so high that others simply can’t compete with us. This is what makes us a Premium Packaging Group. The fact that our team of designers put in the extra time and effort to make you’re product “untouchable”


You can call us 626-964-9384 or simply inquire online.

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