Structural Packaging Design



When one if thinking of getting a custom packaging solution for you’re consumer product it is important to keep in mind that the structural packaging design is the most important part, because at the end of the day that is going to be what catches the eye of the consumer and how appealing the design is will determine the probability of the consumer purchasing you’re product!

Structural design is a solutions-driven process which considers functional requirements such as:

– Strength

– Fit

– Stability

– Ease of assembly

These four things will be what shapes you’re custom packaging solution! We use Artios CAD to create any structural designs and we also visualize all of the designs that are creative and practical, we then use our Kongsberg cutting table for rapid prototyping of the designs that were planned. With such technology that we are equipped with, we are able to very quickly go through all the design iterations and arrive at the optimal solution. Given the experience that we have gained through out our presence in this industry we know the do’s and do not’s when working with big businesses, or important organizations or individuals. If you’re business needs help from our packaging group be sure to either give us a call whenever we are open, or simply inquire us online!

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