The K-1 Packaging Group


  We are the K-1 Packaging Group, our main objective is to add value to you’re product whatever it may be, by making it more presentable then it already was before you came to us.

  With years of experience we know by now exactly what a product may need, and what it does not. We know exactly what colors would stand out and would go perfect with the design and what colors just dont cut it. Our team of designers work hard to come up with designs that will catch the eye of just about any body walking by!

By choosing us as your packaging solution you are

– Assuring that your product will be presented in the best way possible

– Leaving your consumer product in the hands of the professionals

– Raising the chances your product will be sold faster

In the past we have dealt with many high profile clients that needed the best from us. With clients like these where much more is at stake, our full concentration is needed. Without a doubt we dont fail to be the number one packaging solution you can find, due to the fact that our team stops at nothing to provide our clients with innovative designs that capture the attention of an average consumer!


You can either give us a call or inquire online! Visit our about us page for more info!