Why Packaging Traceability is Critical for the Protection of Your Brand?

Protect Your Products and Customers Using Packaging Traceability

In a time where online shopping has become even more of the norm, companies must work thoroughly to provide an experience for customers that begins with an aesthetically pleasing package and ends with a reliable product. This means that products and the package they come in should take advantage of the benefits the digital world offers whether a person is shopping in retail or online. 

With the help of incredible team members like Landa Press Operator Adam Aguirre (left) and Landa Technician Nitsan Heffes (right), K1 is able to optimize the Landa S10 to provide creative and personalized packaging solutions.

Landa’s S10 Nanographic Printing Press is an innovative digital printing press that has allowed for advancements such as minimized waste and increased efficiency. K1’s Landa S10, which is the third installation in the U.S. and the first installation on the West Coast, has already made a significant difference in expanding how they help brands ensure their products are being sold through appropriate distribution channels.  

Recently there was a high-end skincare line that relied on K1’s Landa S10 and its unique features. A while back this quality cosmetics company noticed one of their products was being sold in an area they had not approved. They realized they needed their products to be traceable so that if this happened in the future they would know exactly where to look to address the issue.  

QR codes make verification easy and accessible.

This brought about the idea to assign each box a unique QR code, something only possible thanks to the Landa S10’s ability to quickly process digital data and print on the fly. With this serialization, if a box is being sold somewhere that it is not supposed to be, then brand owners can scan the product and see where it was last registered. This gives companies a starting point to go from so that they can find out where the error occurred and fix it quickly to eliminate the factors allowing for this misplacement.

This use of individual codes on a product is not only useful in ensuring products are sold appropriately for a brand to maintain their projected image, but it can also be applied to other areas of concern. If a product has been recalled it can be difficult to manage the situation quickly and precisely. However, with individual codes manufacturers can track down recalled items with less fumbling and guesswork. 

Another area that packaging traceability assists in is package authentication and preventing counterfeit. Counterfeiting can be detrimental to a company’s brand image and revenue, but beyond that a poorly replicated product can destroy the trust customers place in a brand. With QR codes a customer can simply scan the package their product comes in and when they are taken to the company’s website, any worries of counterfeit can be put at ease. These brands can also use the codes to their benefit by seeing the various locations along the distribution channel a product has been on its journey to the brand’s consumer. Serialization can help brands assure their customers that what they have bought is the real deal. 

In addition to providing reassurance, a code taking customers directly to any webpage a brand owner wants gives companies an amazing opportunity to engage consumers. The possibilities and freedom this gives a brand are practically limitless, whether it is advertising similar products or getting customers excited about upcoming events, companies get to control the consumer’s first impression after verifying their product. 

Regardless of how a customer decides to shop in these uncertain times, serialization and package traceability allow brand owners and consumers to rest easy with the knowledge that they can trust and enjoy what they have invested in.