Innovative Packaging Group


Featuring new methods, and advanced strategies, The K-1 Packaging Group opens doors to opportunities that can both benefit you, and you’re business, or organization. 

       We conceptualize, design, prototype, and manufacture. As an international packaging group we have many manufacturing facilities. One of them has been strategically placed in Guangdong China. We have worked with many important celebrities, businesses, and organizations, and have helped them with high end packaging solutions, using our own equipment, creating everything at our facilities. With all the experience that comes with working with individuals such as the ones we have worked with, we already know what will help you’re product, and what will make it stand out amongst others, because after all, what is the point of doing this if you’re product is just going to blend along with the others at the end of the day. We use durable, and luxurious material, that will both last, and have a pleasant touch to it. We print all of our eye catching designs in our own facilities using the latest technologies, assuring that every single detail has been gone through. The reason why we put such time and extra effort into our clients projects, is because we know that those little things that we put so much time to, are going to pay off, once the product reaches the market, people will notice how much time and effort was put into such an thing. It will be as if you’re product came straight from the heavens. The K-1 Packaging Group not only transforms it into a self selling product, but we also compliment it. With colors that have been scientifically proven to catch the attention of our eyes. Resulting in not only selling you’re product, but people respecting it, and knowing that it is a product, of value.

The K-1 Packaging Group ca help you, as long as you take the time to contact us either by calling, or online, we will handle the rest!


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