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Best Packaging Design


Want to make you’re product stand out amongst others? What better way to achieve this then with the best, eye catching packaging designs?

      The K-1 Packaging Group delivers work of premium quality when it comes to packaging design. Our catchy designs have helped many clients in the past establish a successful campaign for their personal portfolio, or consumer product. We have proven ourselves to be the best packaging solution there is when one is looking for something a bit more then ordinary. With an extensive experience that came from working with many important celebrities, companies, and organizations that not only depended on our resources, but our skills.

       Not only that! But with our value added finishing services, we have been able to make our clients products even more durable then before! Adding value, and making the product even more attractive then before. The reason why so much time and effort is put into the products looks is because when the average consumer takes a look at a shelf where various products are displayed, he only pays most of his attention to those products with eye catching colors, that stand out and go along with the product, giving off a luxurious feel to the customer. This means, that the average consumer is more likely to purchase the product that was most taken care of by a professional packaging group, rather then a product that was just rushed into mass production.

      It’s little details like these that will make a difference in wether you’re product sells, or not. Be sure to Visit our site for more info on our services, and to see in what other ways we can help you! Our packaging group has enough experience to deal with a small local business starting off, or a big corporation in need of professional help!


Value Added Finishing


Our packaging group offers a good amount of finishing capabilities that not only add value to the product, but can be used to enhance the visual impact of packaging designs!

     We are the K-1 Packaging Group, and we have years of experience, we have worked with many national celebrities, and international businesses that needed a high end packaging solution! Our professional services add elegance to your product and call attention to your brand, this is done using Foil Stamping methods. Apart from the looks we focus on the feel, using a Combination of Foil Stamping with Micro-Embossing to heighten the feel and sense of luxury.

    Along with all of this we give you’re design that “pop” effect, by adding 3rd dimensions to you’re products design using de-bossing, and embossing. And for those that want to reveal their product when it is presented in stores with a small window we can also do cellophane window patching! Pretty much anything you need to make sure that you’re product is successful when reaching stores. Our special ability to work with special substrates, our repertoire of finishing techniques creates opportunity for ground-breaking packaging designs.

We can help you! Visit our Value Added Finishing page for more info!

  • Foil Stamping
  • Combination Foil Stamping / Micro-Embossing
  • Multi-Level Embossing / Debossing
  • Cellophane Window Patching


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Premium Packaging Design


One thing that we work so hard to do is provide our clients with the best packaging format possible, creating premium designs for our clients product that will make them stand out amongst competitors!

     Our job is simple. to bring out the best of each of our clients. Using colors that will compliment the product, and putting everything in place using our very own equipment. We have a team of creative designers that are prepared to come up with unique ideas that will mesmerize the customer when analyzing the product. With extensive experience gained by working years in this industry, their is nothing that the K-1 Packaging Group can’t handle. We have worked with celebrities that needed so much more then just a regular packaging group, they needed a packaging group that was willing to go the extra mile to perfect their craft. For us it is important to do this, because at the end of the day it’s those little details that will make the product completely bullet proof!

Whatever you need, we can help! Wether it be:

  • Rigid Boxes
  • Litho Mounted Corrugated Boxes and POP
  • Custom Gift Bags
  • Custom Gift Boxes
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Value Added Finishing

You can always check out portfolio to see just how we work on our clients. Some of our manufacturing facilities are located in Guangdong. Our international packaging group enablles rapid services and delivers finished goods to the major manufacturing centers. You can read more at our manufacturing page.

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The Importance of Presentation


Presentation is the proffering or giving of something to someone, presentation is the way you put out whatever it is you are offering. Presentation is the most important thing when trying to give off a good first impression. Many businesses miss this vital part of the process when manufacturing their product, and figuring out how it will be portrayed. This may be because they don’t have any good ideas, or they simply do not have the time. Either way, this part is best left to the professionals..

      Presentation is important, because apart from the quality of the product, the presentation is what will catch the eye of the consumer. After all there is no way to know what is inside of the box, or bag. This is why as a natural instinct you go by the looks. You would be surprised how fast people come to us after they realize this! We glorify you’re product, using colors, and designs that will compliment and add value to you’re product, making it nearly impossible for people passing by to not stop and analyze. We have worked with many known celebrities, businesses, and organizations that needed our help to make their product not only presentable, but even more desirable then as it was before they came to us.

     Apart from the presentation of the product, the quality of the packaging solution is also vital! Think of it like this. The final product could look outstanding and all, but if the material is cheap, and poorly put together, it wont be as durable as if it was taken care of properly, using the quality material that we use. The reason why we put this much time into each of our clients is because we feel that if something is going to be done, it might as well be done right. If you have any questions on how to get started feel free to visit our site and fill out a contact form or give us a call!


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Top Packaging Group


One thing we learned with all the years of experience we gained, was that when it comes to selling you’re product, or service, presentation is KEY!

      Presentation stands as one the most important things when trying to get a consumer to purchase you’re product. If handled right the presentation of you’re product can lead to more purchases, and higher value of you’re product. If you decide to come to the K-1 Packaging Group as a solution, then you made the right choice. We can not only increase the value of you’re product, but our team of designers can create a design that will almost force consumers to buy you’re product. Using only colors that will compliment you’re product, and printing them on quality material that will last a lifetime. The reason why so much time and consideration is put into this is because even though its cheaper to just get a basic solution, if you put the time and effort into it, people will recognize, and appreciate the passion that was put into it. Because it’s those little details that go a long way. It’s those little details that will make you’re product more valuable then other products.

    For example think of it like this. A person goes to a shopping mall. Walking around, seeing what he/she wants to purchase. Walking down the stairs, the person comes across a shop which contains one of you’re products. Browsing through the store, the consumer will only pay mind to those products which catch his/her eye. Often those with bright, or noticeable colors, or those that were carefully crafted. We make sure that you’re product stands as one of those products, so other competitor products are practically unnoticeable.


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Creative Packaging Solution


We are not only a creative packaging solution that will provide you with the necessary tools to move up a category when it comes to you’re product, but we are a packaging group that takes you in as if you were family. 

       The K-1 Packaging Group has been providing it’s clients with premium solutions, using durable, and sturdy material that feels smooth, and adorned in designs, professionally developed by our team of designers that know exactly what colors will compliment you’re product, which is an essential talent when trying to intercept the way that our consumers think, this way we know exactly how to dominate you’re market! We know all of this, and have much experience in this field, this is why millions of big businesses everyday come to us so we can bring them the resulta we have brought our past clients. Our clients projects is conceptualized, designed, prototyped, and manufactured in our own facilities. As an international packaging group, we have facilities located from the US to China. The reason why is because we want to bring these professional services to become accesible to each and every one of the people out there that are in need of them.

    We focus on the satisfaction of our clients so much, because at the end of the day it is our clients that make all of this possible, because despite all of the useful talents that we possess, without the proper clientele, our business is no good. This is why we encourage our clients that have been fully satisfied with our services to go out and let their friends, or business partners know that we can meet the expectations of those with the highest demand.


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Innovative Packaging Group


Featuring new methods, and advanced strategies, The K-1 Packaging Group opens doors to opportunities that can both benefit you, and you’re business, or organization. 

       We conceptualize, design, prototype, and manufacture. As an international packaging group we have many manufacturing facilities. One of them has been strategically placed in Guangdong China. We have worked with many important celebrities, businesses, and organizations, and have helped them with high end packaging solutions, using our own equipment, creating everything at our facilities. With all the experience that comes with working with individuals such as the ones we have worked with, we already know what will help you’re product, and what will make it stand out amongst others, because after all, what is the point of doing this if you’re product is just going to blend along with the others at the end of the day. We use durable, and luxurious material, that will both last, and have a pleasant touch to it. We print all of our eye catching designs in our own facilities using the latest technologies, assuring that every single detail has been gone through. The reason why we put such time and extra effort into our clients projects, is because we know that those little things that we put so much time to, are going to pay off, once the product reaches the market, people will notice how much time and effort was put into such an thing. It will be as if you’re product came straight from the heavens. The K-1 Packaging Group not only transforms it into a self selling product, but we also compliment it. With colors that have been scientifically proven to catch the attention of our eyes. Resulting in not only selling you’re product, but people respecting it, and knowing that it is a product, of value.

The K-1 Packaging Group ca help you, as long as you take the time to contact us either by calling, or online, we will handle the rest!


You can either call us at 626-964-9384 or inquire online

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Innovative Packaging Design


The difference between a good product and a mediocre one often is determined with the presentation. If you hire the right packaging group to customize you’re products package and they come through with an innovative packaging design, the probability that you’re product will be purchased is higher. 

      The K-1 Packaging Group provides it’s clients with innovative packaging designs so when people pass by their product they will turn back and notice that the product was carefully crafted. The reason why we put such time and effort into our clients product’s custom packaging designs is because we understand the importance of it looking good, because when it comes to selling a product, the first impression is KEY.

Whether you need a 

– Custom Rigid Box

– Customized Gift Bag

– Custom Corrugated Box and POP

     We can help you! We conceptualize, prototype, manufacture, and design! Our packaging group has everything that you need for you’re product to be a success! We have worked with many important individuals, celebrities, big businesses, important organizations, ect. Therefore all of the experience that we have gained has raised the value of our services due to the fact that we have mastered the custom packaging industry. What the K-1 Packaging Group can do for you is truly without a doubt amazing. We can create you’re products custom packaging from quality and durable material that is sure to last. Also adding on innovative packaging designs that will transcend through out time. So if you are looking for a new way of increasing sales, or simply trying to increase you’re products social level contact the K-1 Packaging Group today!


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Premium Custom Packaging Solutions


If a product is poorly represented by it’s custom packaging solution then it is more then likely that the consumer will not want to purchase it, or they wont feel as tempted to do so. The reason for this is because when a consumer is looking for what to buy they are often paying attention to the appearance of the product. If you’re product has cheesy designs, and is cased in cheap material that through out time will break, then the first impression of you’re product comes out as a cheap choice.

         This is why once people realize the importance of the products presentation they often go on the search for premium custom packaging solutions. The K-1 Packaging Group is a major source for these kinds of things. We make sure that you’re product gives a first impression that will almost force the consumer to buy you’re product. We have a team of designers with years of experience, which means that they know what will make you’re product look good, and what will make it look bad. Using colors that will compliment the product, and creating designs that really speak on what you’re product is all about, our team of designers truly can not disappoint! Apart from our designs department, we also have the ability to create you’re products custom packaging solution out of quality, and durable material that is both sturdy, and smooth. Products that are carefully managed like this often receive much appreciation from customers, the reason why is because people notice the effort that was put in to finalize this product.

      Talk is cheap. So let us show you exactly what we are about. Feel free to either give us a call, or contact us online, either by filling out a contact form or by reaching out to us through social media!


You can either call us at 626-964-9384 or inquire online

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Best Product Packaging Solutions


We provide our client’s with the best product packaging solutions, because we understand the importance of presentation, and in most cases it can be what determines whether it will be purchased or not. 

       We are the K-1 Packaging Group, and our main objective is to use our expertise in this field to our clients benefit. Our team of designers come up with unique and creative designs that transcend through out time, and catches the attention of many passing by the product when it is in stores. We use the most durable and luxurious material when it comes to casing you’re product, because we know that when it comes to product packaging those that are built to last often do.

– Custom Rigid Boxes

– Custom Gift Bags

– Custom Corrugated boxes and POP

whatever it is that you need to help increase sales for you’re business, our packaging group will work on you’re project as if it were our own, Manufacturing in our own factory we also conduct business in areas around the world, because when it comes to a packaging group it is important to make business at an international level. Our team understands that when it comes to these things it’s those little details that go a long way, and we take this in mind when working on you’re products custom packaging solution. For example if you look at a product that’s custom package was poorly developed the consumer will most likely look at it and not take it as seriously as the person responsible for the product wanted it to be. On the other hand if you look at a product that was taken care of, and was fully developed to it’s full potential the consumer will look at it and almost not be able to resist, but either asking what it is, or purchasing it. It is important to make sure that you’re product has the best product packaging solution because in the market, what you see is what you get.


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